Hand  made mandolins,

 私のWeb Siteは多くの音楽家に知られており、多くの人が直接、日本で見られるようにショップの
 住所等、私のWeb Siteに載せられます。

Welcome!!! this is  my web site dedicated to my new production of mandolins!

My production is based on olds and antiques building  methods , used into the 1800", from the most popular Vinaccia, Calace and Embergher mandolin makers!"

I use only spruce from Val di fiemme,  maple from Balcani , rosewood from Brasile, and ebony of 1th quality.

I have patented a new innovative system for the internal braces, that give to the mandolins a more potent and warm sound: the suspended arc form brace and the "pulling vibrate and adjustable bar